Simplified Flamenco Ukulele Rhythms

Instructional printed and Kindle books


Flamenco rhythm patterns (strumming patterns) can be very complex and daunting for new-comers to Flamenco so I have developed an approach that will allow anyone to achieve a real Flamenco sound in a short space of time.

Rasgeuos are behind the driving force of Flamenco and these are where people have difficulties, they are usually performed with four fingers all working together and can take months to learn.

I have distilled the rhythms and without taking anything away from the sound I have arranged them so that you can play them with two fingers at the most.

A combination of index finger and triplet rasgueos will give the correct sound but will dramatically cut down the learning time.

In writing the tunes I have made a compromise between making them interesting to listen to and making them easy enough to learn. I could have written easier pieces but they just sound like exercises and would not encourage you to learn them.